In the ever-evolving world of Esport, there’s no room for games that don’t feature the best.

That’s why triads entertainment is launching TryHards League:

TryHards League is a competitive top-tier competition where the Call of Duty Mobile game is played. It will span over a range of days where lovers of the game play specific game modes in fiery fixtures for a pool prize. The league is certain to attract the most die-hard Call of Duty fans and passionate lovers.

The first Try Hard League will run for ten days starting from the 20th of January and will run till 18th of February 2023. The tournament will feature a variety of game modes, including exciting features such as ShotGuns only, NO ShotGun SOLO, and CLASSIC BATTLE ROYALE. The winner will walk away with a cash prize of N20,000.

Fans can expect to have a wholesome gaming experience of undiluted entertainment as we witness every battle and subsequently, every season.

TryHards League Season 1 will be hosted on the Call of Duty Mobile app, which is available to download both for iOS and Android devices.