About us

Triads entertainment is the major African eSports brand,a pacesetter and the pivotal growth agent to Esports Africa.We offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to the African ESports ecosystem,by combining community-building initiatives,talent development,and strategic partnerships.We provide a well rounded and sustainable model for growth and success. We offer a diverse range of eSports entertainment services and solutions designed to engage and entertain gaming enthusiasts of all levels,from casual players to professional competitors.We provide a unique offering that caters to the diverse interests and ambitions of audience:we enable them amass wealth from the gaming sector while offering a competitive platform to develop their talents and gain recognition.


The way we work is
of the greatest importance

Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive eSports ecosystem that brings together gamers,spectators,and industry partners.We are deeply committed to building a vibrant community,celebrating talent,and propelling eSports in Africa to new heights.



We aspire to be global leaders in eSports entertainment,delivering exceptional experiences and captivating audiences worldwide.Our ultimate goal is to establish Triads Entertainment as the premier eSports brands in Africa.

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