TryHards League Season 2 is back and it’s all about Call of Duty Mobile!

The online gaming competition is set to take place over the course of ten days and will feature some of the best Call of Duty Mobile gamers from around Nigeria starting on 10th march till 31st march 2023 with a prize pool worth of N20,000.

The competition promises to be highly competitive, with each gamer bringing their A-game to the table. The matches will be intense and thrilling, with players battling it out for the top spot and the ultimate prize.

The tournament will feature a variety of game modes and features such as including ShotGuns only, NO ShotGun SOLO, CLASSIC BATTLE ROYALE. Each game mode requires a different set of skills and strategies, making the competition even more exciting.

TryHards League Season 1 Call of Duty Mobile Gaming competition was earthquaking but season 2 promises to be that grand event that showcases the best of mobile esports, a testament to the skill and dedication of the players and the passion of the fans who support them.

So, get ready for an exciting ten days of gaming action and may the best gamer win!