Triads entertainment announces the end of TryHards season 5.

Our impact radius got bigger. We had a host of entries from across Africa and the continent of Europe. League A (the top-tier teams) clashed mercilessly for a full 10 days in various game modes of The Call of Duty Mobile.

Exceeding our expectations from the league, we saw the best like it has never been seen. League A featured already recognized Esport teams in a higher tier. True to form, these players did not hold back their incredible gaming prowess, their gameplays were characterized by tactical experience and a smooth live streaming was provided.

‘THE SIN DESTROYERS’ came, saw corruption and overcame. Winning, for these guys was everything that mattered. With a cumulative 2479 points, they ascended the throne as the victors in the league of champions.

Coming second are the raving ‘RAZE MATRIX’. The Raze matrix put up quite the combination of grit, experience and a strong sense of team spirit.

The third winners in the league of champions are the ‘DARK DANGEROUS VISERYS’. A team with a strong sense of tactical intelligence. ‘THE DARK DANGEROUS VISERYS’ did actually prove dangerous through the competition.

Unfortunately, some teams relegated from League A to B. Teams falling in the 21st to 25th position will the pay in the lower league.

It is quite saddening to watch ‘THE CROOKS E-SPORTS’ finally relegate, maybe a couple of points more would have saved the day. ‘ANTI DESTINED’, ‘ABILITY’, ‘AGGRESSIVE OPS’, and ’MEN IN BLACK’ relegated from League A to B.


In the dynamic League B of TryHards League season 5, the atmosphere was thick with the spirit of competition, as the participating teams engaged each other in an intense atmosphere.

The winner for League B were the ‘ABILITY ALPHA’. Yeah, the ALPHA of the TryHards League B. They exercised decisive and a cooperative gameplay, earning a total of 2297 points to clinch the title.

Trailing closely behind are the ‘NOBLE DESTROYERS’. That is a quite an Irony if you allow me say but true to it, these team was so clinical. They walked in there, destroyed the opposition and walked out with the nobility of the second place.

Coming third are the ‘ABILITY BETA’. They were better at showcasing grit, determination and holding tight to the desire to conquer. It did pay off, with a cumulative 1984 points, they came third.

Now to the interesting part, some teams promoted and not so fortunately, some relegated.

The holders of the first five positions in the league which are ‘ABILITY ALPHA’, ‘NOBLE DESTROYERS’, ‘ABILITY BETA’, ‘CREAMSUN’ and ‘NOBLE E-SPORTS’ promoted to League A.

While it is sad to see ‘RAGNAR ELITES’, ‘GRIM REAPER’, ‘REVENGERS’ and ‘QUINX’ relegate to League C.


For the teams in League C, there was everything to strive for, and that provided an exciting atmosphere with each gamer bringing their A-game to the table.

The fierce ‘1 of 1’ came top with the highest number of points, a total 1256 points. They exhibited a commendable level of coordination and camaraderie.

The first runner up was ‘SAD X’ with a cumulative amount of 1177 points. This team was quite the resilient one, they always had one trick or the other up their sleeves.

The third and the second runner up was ‘BBC’. The big boys put up a commanding performance beating their opponents tactically and scoring 1048 points.

To the part we all want to see, teams ‘1 of 1’, ‘SAD X’, ‘BBC’, ‘SAD GAMMA’ and ‘ELITE BROTHERHOOD’ were promoted to League B.

So much moving around, do you not think?

With this momentum, TryHards League season 6 potentially is a gruesome battle.