The grand TryHards League Season 2 lasted ten days.

The competition featured some of the best esports gamers from around Nigeria competing against each other in tight fixtures and different game modes of the call of duty mobile.

The competition saw each gamer bringing their best strategies and skills to the table. The matches were intense and thrilling, with many close calls and unexpected twists and turns.

Throughout the ten days of the competition, spectators were treated to some of the most exciting gaming experience. The gamers battled it out for the top spot, with each match bringing them closer to the ultimate prize.

It ended with RZ^QUAVOYT emerging as the winner.

He was crowned the champion of TryHards League Season 2, and his name will go down in esports history as one of the greatest victories in the sport.

CUBEY_MK, who dominated the competition with his exceptional gaming trick and skills was the first runner up.

Second runner up was TH_STEVE who showcased his distinctive gaming skills.

Overall, TryHards League Season 2 was a fantastic event that showcased the best of esports.

It was a pre-definitive testament to the skill and dedication of the players and the passion of the spectators that support them.

TryHards League season 3 promises an exquisite time of fun, thrills and real excitement.

Anticipate TryHards League season 3!