Through the mean headshots, the grenades, the heavy rain of bullets, loud battle cries sweating palms and racing heart beats we have come!

It’s a wrap on TryHards League Season 3: an Esports competition where the best of the gamers from across the country of Nigeria battled each other without mercy for 10 whole days on different categories of The Call of Duty Mobile.  

It was an unspeakable moment characterized by an intense atmosphere of competitiveness!

Following a commanding display of mastery, the first-place victory went to 4ktxcell, who expertly utilized shotguns to dominate the Solo Battle Royale, leaving opponents in doubts of their precision and tactics.

rzQuavoVT secured the second spot with exceptional gameplay and adaptability, despite the absence of shotguns in their arsenal.

The third-place finish was claimed by thcRydave, who demonstrated exceptional game sense and decision-making skills, trampling his opponents in the Classic Battle Royale.

Throughout the tournament, these players showcased their brilliant gaming skills, employing various tricks and strategies to outplay their rivals.

It was a spectacle of talent and dedication, players held nothing back in the famous call of duty mobile. The TryHards League Season 3 will be remembered as a thrilling showcase of exceptional gameplay and an embodiment of the competitive spirit within the gaming community.

Anticipate TryHards League season 4.