It just got massive!

There are new updates and they are huge. Amongst so many other, pool prize just went up to #120,000. Jeez, how much fatalities are going down in merciless battles for that massive amount?

Another amazing new feature is that TryHards League just got segmented into three tiers:

  • League A.

League A features fixtures of reputable Esport teams bringing a top-tier gaming experience to the league. It just got bigger, hotter and better

  • League B.

The heat of the competitive League B will be served by teams lesser in ranking. As you know there are levels to this thing.

  • League C.

League C will feature teams seeking recognition and will burn the world for it.

The League kicks off on the 1st of October and continues its thrilling run until the 18th of February 2023. Prepare yourselves for a diverse array of game modes, including Shotguns Only, NO Shotgun Solo, and Classic Battle Royale. The ultimate victors will not only earn the title of champions but also claim a generous cash prize of N120,000 in pool prize.

Spectators can anticipate a riveting gaming experience brimming with unadulterated excitement as we bear witness to each epic battle and follow the unfolding season. Season 5 of the TryHards League unfolds exclusively within the Call of Duty Mobile app, accessible for download on both iOS and Android platforms.